A downloadable game for Windows


Only one flamingo is different. Can you find him in time?
Search for the chosen one and sacrifice it to the Flamingo Gods!

Pick up / throw flamingo - Left mouse button
Movement - WSAD keys
Jump - Space button
Dash - Shift key
Back to menu - Escape

Who we are?
We are HedgehogSoft - team of friends, game developers and artists, game jams pasionates. Authors of the Significant Otter game. Join us on Discord and check out the website!


Flamigos_v1.zip 50 MB


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good game

Wow! Nice video! We don't understand much unfortunately but we can see you were having fun! That's great! And, If I may, I would love to keep the thumbnail of your video and present it on our website as a first "Fun art?" anyone has ever done for one of our games! Thank you for making our day


I want a flamingo plushie hahaha


Now... when you're talking about it... I want one too!